Should I have Dental Insurance?

Delta Dental…should I have dental insurance?


Should I have dental insurance? This question comes up at Dublin Health and Benefit Group all the time.  3 scenarios below detail when the answer should be “DEFINITELY YES”, “MAYBE” OR “PROBABLY NO”.

No matter what you decide, the advantages of owning a plan include:

  • Pre-negotiated discounting of services so when you need care it is less expensive or paid by insurance;
  • Dental expenses are monthly budgeted rather than a sudden budget busting catastrophe;
  • Higher likelihood you will maintain your teeth and discover problems early on…people with coverage are more likely to go for preventive services;
  • Helps manage ongoing care plans from year to year.

       Definitely Yes                             Maybe                              Probably No

I have a care plan with multiple thousands in care anticipated. I only do preventive care but like the budget approach to access (limited resources). I only do preventive care and I have unlimited resources.
I am adhering to a tight monthly budget. I do preventive care and an occasional filling. I have a fully funded H.S.A with plenty of money to self-insure.
I want to consistently get routine care and don’t like surprises. I need cleanings but also have Periodontic needs. I have dentures and don’t need care.
I am seeking discounts for the cost of care. I have a fixed income and large unexpected expenses are difficult for me to handle I don’t have teeth or dentures.
My children need braces 6 months or more from now.   I have very limited resources and other priorities leave me broke each month.


Next Step: So Should I have Dental Insurance? If you answered “Definitely Yes or Maybe”…call us at 603-563-8820 or email  for advising about plan options.

Or Enroll NOW yourself!

Individual Health Insurance is also available.

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