Group HR and Health Benefit Services

Streamline Your Health Benefit and HR Needs

HR professional meeting with employeeWith rapid advancement of business technology, employees are seeking access to everything online, and employers are wondering how to meet employees “right where they are at”. Cost of technology is a considerable factor, and there is a major learning curve, not to mention the time that is involved in finding just the right solutions for an employment group. Employers are seeking direction and support, as their larger competitors find solutions that just don’t fit into a small group budget.

Employers and small business managers often wear many hats, with HR being one of them. Just think of the number of complex HR related challenges faced in the everyday business of employee management! We’ve discovered small groups could spend as much as $10,000 annually to outsource or retain legal and HR advising support. This is downright expensive for small business owners and can be a tough call to make when seeking answers to unexpected management problems.

Affordable New HR and Employee Management Solutions

  • A handbook building tool that keeps company policy current with state and federal laws customized to group size;
  • Personalized support from SHRM (Society For Human Resource Management) certified HR advisors;
  • Unlimited use of OSHA/Safety e-learning library with over 300+ professional development courses;
  • Digital employee files and secure document storage systems;
  • Digital employee time-off management system;
  • Secure employer-employee portal that can be accessed through a mobile app;
  • And our favorite...a benefit administration system that will be digitized offering employers and their staff access to their group benefits and payroll deductions at the click of a button. This means group enrollments and annual benefit renewals will be moved online, smoother and less paper involved!

Roadworkers with safety vests and helmets

Who Benefits:

Small business clients enrolled in health benefits under Dublin Health will experience renewals and enrollments through the new benefits administration platform. Additionally, the new service enhancements will be available to employers at a fraction of the cost they are being quoted for the same services individually. The concept is simple, really; by bundling small groups together, Dublin Health is able to deliver these products and services at a price that is affordable and within reach to small business employers.

How We Got Here

We’ve insured small businesses since 2005 and lately we’ve seen the gap between budget, staffing, and technology grow more rapidly as businesses evolve with ever changing technology. As new businesses start up and grow, or as seasoned employers plan for their succession, our solutions will fit into any business model at any phase of business development. We developed this package of services based on our understanding of organizational development and leadership as well as experience as a small group manager. These human resource management and digital employee management solutions provide employers with the affordable solutions they are seeking.

We have partnered with a very solid team of experts who will support our clients in areas of HR, employee management tools, business development systems, policy, risk mitigation, and compliance. This will revolutionize the way our customers manage their HR processes.

The Rollout

Current business clients of Dublin Health enrolled in group health, dental, vision, life, STD/LTD and accident insurance will be migrated to the new platform. Each of our customers will receive training in how to apply the benefits administration solution to their business systems from on-boarding new hires to annual renewals.

New groups enrolling in company benefits through Dublin Health will be able to offer their employees a stream-lined enrollment process through an online portal. After a personalized, on-site visit by a Dublin Health employee benefit broker eligible employees will access a private portal to review plans, assess costs, and to complete their enrollment. Employers will have quick access to payroll deduction reports, benefit enrollment lists, and plant summaries through the portal.

While health benefits has been the name of our game here at Dublin Health for years, we’ve come to realize that employers want additional support. Hiring a full time HR professional not only would bring great value to small groups, but it would come at a great cost. Through Dublin Health local small businesses now have within reach access to HR resources and employee management tools. It’s a win-win for all and with a tagline like “finding affordable solutions…” it’s no wonder Dublin Health is excited to be bringing new solutions to business clients in the region.