Employee Benefits for your Group, Finding the Right ‘Fit’

Employee Benefits for your Group, Finding the Right ‘Fit’ with DH&B

Not all employee benefits bring the same value to employees. Not all workplaces have the same needs. Here we will take a look at some key considerations to look at when offering Employee Benefits for your Group.

Since 2005, Dublin Health & Benefit Group, LLc, (DH&B) has worked with groups in New Hampshire on benefit portfolio design. We spend a good deal of time to determine the right “fit” for your unique group. DH&B an independent brokerage and that means we represent you, the client, and not the carrier. We will only recommend the product(s) and carrier(s) that fit your needs so you can focus your attention on growth and sustainability, employee retention being key.

“I LOVE my job!” Sound good to you? The right benefits provide enough security to your employees who show up day after day, year after year, with complete job satisfaction!

Cost Savings

If insurance can be more affordable with a group plan, or on the marketplace with a possible tax credit, we’ll be sure to tell you. We can offer employees individual insurance (with possible tax credit if they are eligible) or recommend to you group health plan designs paired with HRA (Health Reimbursement Accounts), FSA (Flexible Spending Accounts), HSA (Health Saving Accounts) options. We balance the need for offering great, affordable health coverage while maximizing tax savings where we can find it.

When you pair a high deductible health plan with a HRA, FSA or HSA option, you create tax saving opportunities for the employer and employee to fund out of pocket medical expenses that are tax deductible.  Some of our partners are Group Dynamics, Benefit Strategies, and HealthEquity, all of who are third party administrators (TPA) who offer HRA, FSA and HSA administration at a low cost.  The employer can manage these plans with the TPA themselves or outsource this task to Dublin Health & Benefit Group, LLc for a small fee. Our job is to help small groups fill the management gaps that exists by providing solutions that are affordable and time effective

Group Size

We find that groups under 100 employees have great flexibility when designing benefit portfolios. Employers of groups under 100 employees know their employees on a personal level. Employees are like family and, in many cases, are wearing several different hats which makes them indispensable. We value all of your employees and will treat them like our family, too!


It’s always important for us to understand your group size and your organizational structure to access whether offering everyone health insurance is feasible and in everyone’s best interest.

  • Should certain benefits only be available to full time employees?
  • How much should the employer fund toward the cost?
  • Does offering benefit disqualify employees from receiving a federal tax credit on the individual marketplace?
  • What happens if the group participation rate is too low for a group plan?

We have strategies to work through these challenges and many more as we explore with you the downfalls and opportunities between group health insurance and individual marketplace insurance. Believe it or not, we will talk you OUT of offering a benefit if we believe it is not the best “fit” for your group.

Let’s hear more employees say, “I LOVE my job!”

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